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IM PEACH 32:28


"One by one, they praised President Trump, taking turns complimenting his integrity, his message, his strength, his policies. Their leader sat smiling, nodding his approval."

Bird's eye view is quickly changing, land masses shrink and expand, ice melts oceans grow, the air is turbulent, from up here countries don't have borders.
Government documents cast spells and lay dormant under mountain paper weights commanding a tethered ruling body. And now peaches bid farewell to summer, Korean vacations come to an end, Russian ambassadors pack their ashtrays while telling cold war tales, self-annointed Facebook gurus turn to trolls, Twitter propaganda drools then baffles and clearly displays that the exhausting task of identifying the line between healthy self love and megalomaniacal narcissism is still at hand.

"He is a fucking pig and should be impeached!"

On this the last day of summer of the year 2017, The League of Assholes offer a new musical incantation titled IM PEACH. This new sound collage picks up where February's Valentine release IN OGRE ATE left off, except the dark brood of the ogre has turned into a popcorn orgy where angry monsters dance with muse-like dolls as a crew of Mexican workers tear down a roof, weaving genres supernaturally blasts a band with a vicious swing and plastic laughing teeth, the kind with feet and a winding knob to rev up the laughs and make the teeth chatter. IM PEACH is an exalting piece of music, an often cacophonous, soulful and surprisingly beautiful collaboration by creative individuals who through channels on the world wide web form a homeless orchestra, driven marauders armed with a multitude of instruments and digital recorders, a band of artists who hold certain disbeliefs to be real, existing in a virtual plane forging a resonant call to action through new music.

"The League of Assholes is like a covent of good witches man, you dig?"


released September 22, 2017

Participants (in alphabetical order):

Christopher Adler: Okinawan sanshin
Abel Ashes: guitar, textures, voice
Android: voice
Jon Boe: guitar feedback
Dylan Lee Brown: synth, electronics
James Call: theremin
Lou Damien: saxophone
Spud Davenport: electronics, vocal dittie
Thomas Dimuzio: Buchla 200e vocoder and synth, and computer work
Marcos Fernandes: percussion, electronics
Barney Firks: interviewer, electronics
Samuel Firks Herrera: interviewee
Hans Fjellestad: piano
Chet Harrison: viola
Damon Holzborn: synthesizers, drum machine
Dan Jacobson: electronic percussion
Vivien Lee: garbage truck recording
Charles Maynes: gun sound effects
Jessica Radulovich: pop corn recording
Marcelo Radulovich: guitar, voice, hurdy gurdy, melodica, percussion, bass, mix master Radul
Bill Ray: drums
Joyce Rooks: cello
Scott Sayre: trombone, wolf wrangler
Bart Stull: guitar, electronics, anti-KKK march recording
Donald Trump: voice
FM Watson: DaddyLongLeggs sound collage
The Wolves (8th Grade Wind Ensemble Class): flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, french horn, trombone, tuba, percussion
David Ybarra: bass, swampy loop
Ted Washington: voice
Bill Wesley: harmony array keyboard

Recorded in various locations of the USA
Assembled/mixed by Marcelo Radulovich at Titicacaman Studio, Summer 2017
Cover design by Marcelo Radulovich


all rights reserved



Titicacaman Records Encinitas, California

Titicacaman Records is an extension of Titicacaman Studio, a means to release to a wider audience the music being created within those walls. The label’s fast growing catalog includes: The Royal Orchestra of Titicaca; Crow Squawk; Son of Radul; Me Me the Moth; Nicey Nice World; The Playground Slap; Gunther’s Grass; Marcelo Radulovich and others. ... more

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